🥕Season System

In the fertile fields of ZOFI, the introduction of the Weekly Farming Seasons brings an exciting opportunity for farms to cultivate ZO Token. This innovative system unfolds across three distinct stages: Seed Planting, Gardening, and Harvesting, offering a rhythmic cycle of growth and reward for participating farms.

The Three Stages of a Weekly Farming Season:

  1. Seed Planting (Saturday):

    • The week begins with farms sowing the seeds of potential prosperity. Saturday marks the initiation of a new farming cycle, symbolizing the start of growth and potential earnings.

  2. Gardening (Monday):

    • Farms transition into the nurturing phase, diligently tending to their planted seeds throughout the week. Engaging in gardening activities ensures the optimal conditions for the crops to thrive, setting the stage for a bountiful harvest.

  3. Harvesting (Friday or Saturday):

    • As the week comes to a close, farms proceed to the harvesting stage. The fruits of their labor materialize in the form of ZO Token rewards. Harvesting signifies the successful completion of a weekly cycle, and farms can relish in the tangible outcomes of their dedicated efforts.

Weekly Rhythm and Flexibility:

  • One-Week Duration:

    • Each Weekly Farming Season encapsulates a full week, allowing farms to engage in a continuous and rhythmic cycle of growth.

  • Strategic Timing:

    • Farms strategically plan their activities, starting with seed planting on Saturday, transitioning to gardening on Monday, and culminating with harvesting either on Friday or Saturday. This weekly rhythm ensures a structured yet dynamic farming experience.

The Path to Abundant Rewards:

ZOFI Weekly Farming Seasons not only provide a consistent opportunity for farms to earn ZO Token but also create a structured and engaging environment for the entire community. As farms embark on the journey of each week, they contribute to the flourishing ecosystem of ZOFI while reaping the rewards of their dedication and strategic cultivation. Join the weekly farming seasons and nurture prosperity with ZO Token in the decentralized landscape of ZOFI.

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