🍒How to earn?

Step 1: Acquire BNB

Firstly, to embark on your investment journey within the ZOFI Ecosystem, you need to own Binance Coin (BNB). This will serve as the foundation for entering ZU Market and starting your adventure.

Step 2: Purchase ZU at ZU Market

Convert your BNB or USDT ( on BSC ) into ZU in ZU Market. This is where you will buy ZU to initiate the construction of your farm.

Step 3: Build Farm with the Build Farm Mechanism

Use ZU to participate in the Build Farm mechanism and commence the construction of your farm. Through this process, you will have the opportunity to earn ZO Tokens and engage in a unique and evolving ecosystem.

Step 4: Upgrade and Purchase NFTs

If you wish to enhance the value of your farm, you can convert ZU to ZO Tokens and use them to purchase NFTs or upgrade existing ones. These NFTs can then be attached to your farm, creating a distinctive and growing space.

Step 5: Register for Earning ZO and Wait for Seasons

Once your farm is built, register to start earning ZO Tokens during farming seasons. Be patient and wait, as profits will be distributed during the harvest period.

Step 6: Swap ZO and Sell ZU

When you have received ZO Tokens from the harvest, you can swap them for ZU within ZU Market. Then, use ZU to sell and convert it into USDT, bringing in profits and managing your assets flexibly.

Wishing you prosperous investment experiences in the ZOFI Ecosystem!

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